Meet Cherifa: The heart behind the jewelry 

Long ago, during her pursuit for stability and career growth, Cherifa decides to put her passion for art on hold and enters the corporate world of banking. This decision pushed her to continuously challenge herself, even leaving Cairo - where she was born and raised - to focus more on her career in Dubai.

Though this corporate lifestyle really helped Cherifa grow and learn, she decided to put everything on hold to pursue another full-time job: motherhood. Throughout the years, her passion for the arts never faded, it just grew as her kids did. And so, she re-enters the world of creativity: jewelry-making.

Doing it simply with the purpose of creating something beautiful, Cherifa felt empowered and confident by every piece she crafted. After receiving many compliments - and being able to boost the women in her life’s confidence through her jewelry - she decides to take this new passion a step further by launching Chouette. A brand for the women on the move. The women around her. The women like her.

Cherifa is a mompreneur and she wants all women to feel empowered and beautiful in the jewelry they wear. That’s her calling. That’s her personal mission. 


Luxury jewelry for women on the move.

You are at the center of what we do. Style-conscious, driven and ambitious, we aim to make you feel beautiful and empowered. We want you to feel excited, have more confidence, and look fabulous while achieving your goals.

We make every purchase a long-lasting one by designing jewelry pieces with 18K solid gold, and naturally sparkled lab-grown diamonds.

We don’t believe in buying jewelry. We enable a fair exchange between your assets and infinite value, replacing your savings with a fashionable investment that you can glam in, and pass it down to generations.

We don't put beauty on a pedestal, we focus on the impact of our jewelry presented as a companion of success, positivity, and leadership.


Our commitment 

We aim to become the symbol of success for women around the world; based on achievement, self-reliance and ethical responsibility. 

We are committed to showcasing your success and sharing your stories by creating aesthetic jewelry that inspires resilience and permanence.


How we do business 

Our jewelry pieces are made out of pure 18K gold; investment pieces reflecting a lifetime of economic importance. We use gems from responsible, ethical suppliers and offer a wide variety of lab-grown diamonds to pave the way for a sustainable lifestyle.

Aside from our unique, ready-to-wear pieces, we offer a Bespoke Service through which our clients can customize their jewelry. That being said, every piece progresses as it’s being crafted, making it a true work of art.